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François Corneloup ''Révolut!on''

François Corneloup – Saxophone baryton / compositions.

Invité par Souffle Continu, François Corneloup présentera son nouvel album : ''Révolution'' et proposera un solo acoustique à cette occasion. Fort d'une aventure déterminante, à ses débuts, dans l'action collective au sein de la Compagnie Lubat et d'une très belle collaboration avec le contrebassiste Henri Texier, le puissant compositeur et saxophoniste François Corneloup (Noir Lumière, Ursus Minor, Jardins ouvriers, Singing Fellows, Next, Le Peuple Étinc     [...]





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agalloch - marrow of the spirit


Marrow Of The Spirit

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Label : Profound lore
Support : CD

Black Metal

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- Commentaire de : soufflecontinu (2010-12-24)

agalloch - marrow of the spiri
Pacific Northwest dark metal band Agalloch is an entity like no other in the metal scene. Building on a foundation of black metal and neo-folk with lyrics exploring heathen lore, they add influences from post-rock, noise, experimental and ambient music for something distinctly their own. Over the course of their fifteen-year existence, they have released three full-length albums, a handful of EPs, and amassed one of the most dedicated followings of diehard fans in the realm of underground extreme metal. The group is fast approaching legend status. Marrow of the Spirit, Agalloch's fourth album, is the band's defining statement and the first metal release of the new decade that can truly be considered a masterpiece. Darker, colder and more aggressive than anything they have done in the past, it is their most accomplished work to date. Quite simply, Marrow of the Spirit is Agalloch at the height of their powers.




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